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How it works

Simply put, we match great talent with the right position. We’re constantly expanding our network, building and nurturing long-lasting human connections with both clients and candidates. Listening carefully and treating people with kindness and respect are the foundation of our approach.


We provide contingency search services primarily for full-time positions. We have a 4-step process once we engage with you.

  1. Discover.

    We get to know you and your hiring needs through an in-depth discussion and, ideally, a visit to your space.

  2. Search.

    We contact, qualify and screen candidates in and beyond our immediate network.

  3. Deliver.

    We submit a small pool of qualified candidates who we are confident you will want to interview.

    We facilitate interview scheduling, candidate follow-up, reference checks and the offer process.

  4. Review and Renew.

    We check in post-hire on candidates’ progress and discuss any new or anticipated hiring needs.


We do our best to get to know your career motivations and aspirations so we can successfully place you with a company you will love and where you will continue to grow professionally. Sometimes this takes time. For us it’s an ever-evolving process.


While we are paid by the company that hires our candidates, we have built our reputation on fairly representing both companies and candidates. If you want to be included in our searches, send us a note.