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We've worked with a handle of different recruiting agencies and Talent Farm is now our first (and only) choice as they really get us. They understand our team, our philosophy and our needs, and when we have an opening, they send us just the right candidate. Instead of sifting through pages and pages of resumes, they send us two to three resumes that are spot on. I can't imagine working with anyone else.

VP of User Experience, Bay Area digital health company

Marta and Karen are fun, and fantastic to work with. In our first project, they immediately produced two candidates who were a perfect fit. We closed both in a week.

Executive Chairman, Bay Area consumer electronics start-up

Besides being wonderful and lovely people, Marta and Karen are also two of the best in their field. I couldn't imagine anyone better to trust with this sensitive service.

Principal, global product design consultancy

I met Karen & Marta through a mutual friend for whom I have the highest respect. They have a smart, heart-driven approach to recruiting which demonstrates their passion and depth of knowledge of the design industry. They rock.

Senior UX Designer, Bay Area Fortune 100 company

Karen and Marta are expert design recruiters. They are fantastic and are really dialed in to what they do.


Experience Designer, Bay Area product design consultancy

Marta and Karen are awesome recruiters who every designer should have in their rolodex. They are truly skilled at putting great designers in great companies.

Senior Designer, San Francisco-based post-IPO start-up

Karen and Marta are recruiters who I have loved working with in many different situations, which I've found is a rare thing when it comes to recruiters ;)

Design Director, San Francisco consumer electronics start-up

Marta and Karen have really have great taste and connections!

Design Leader, San Francisco-based non-profit

Karen & Marta are like the Barry Bonds of recruiting!

Office Manager and Wrangler of all things Recruiting Related, San Francisco product design consultancy

Karen and Marta are the only recruiters who I have met that understand, or give a crap to understand, what people are doing in the industry. Very friendly and with incredible ties in the industry.

Principal, San Francisco product design consultancy

Karen and Marta are super dialed into the design world and they are the best recruiters that I know. They really get it.

Principal, San Francisco product design consultancy

Based on my conversations with Talent Farm, I consider them to be highly skilled in matching business needs with a designer's strengths and skills, and very experienced at sourcing appropriate candidates. They're also incredibly nice people!

Director of Design, San Francisco-based start-up

Talent Farm helped me land an even greater opportunity than I could have imagined.

Creative Director, San Francisco start-up

Karen and Marta are expert curators and facilitators of only the awesomest opportunities!


Head of Design, East Coast Fortune 500 company

I've landed my dream job and I'll never be able to thank Talent Farm enough for helping me navigate this process successfully. It has changed my life.

Associate Director, global product design consultancy